The land


After an experiment on one hectare of our grounds in 2003, we have been cultivating the Domain based on Biodynamic principles. Our main objective is to produce healthy grapes, in a rich, living soil, leaving the slightest ecological footprint.

Since 1998, all the farmed grounds are cultivated without synthetic herbicides. For this reason, the rows between vines are left grassy and are mechanically hoed with specific, inter-row tools.


In addition, the straddle tractor used is a lightweight model that minimizes ground pressure compaction on the tilled soil, preserving its fauna and microbial population. For us, soil life is essential to bringing out the best in the terroir.

Phytosanitary treatment, essential to good leaf growth and grape maturity, is done with natural products- sulphur and copper, used in very small quantities as well as endemic plant infusions such as nettles, horsetail and yarrow.

... Our goal is to produce grapes that our children, grandchildren want and can eat without having to think twice.

Dominique & Romain

Louis-Paul, worker


Wine worker